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Geisel Library Study Room 

Directory Kiosk

Geisel Library Study Room Directory Kiosk

Geisel Library study room directory kiosk is a wayfinding kiosk for users to find locations in the library easily. Currently, there are two kiosks. The first one is a self-check-out kiosk to borrow or return books. Next, there is a printing station kiosk to print documents. We were scrapping the tech lending kiosk idea because Geisel Library will actually implement it in the near future. Hence, we decided to go with the study room directory kiosk.


To improve the ways students navigate study rooms by providing interactive & efficient study room directory kiosk to help them succeed academically.


Designer, Reasearcher


January 2023 - March 2023

Tools Used

Figma, Microsoft PowerPoint, Miro, Inkspace, slack


Brandon Le, Janette Lim, Jiwhan Kwak, Juliet Li, Minjae Kim

Current Challenges
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Online research & Fieldwork
Online Research
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Persona & Storyboards
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Interviews/Feedback Results
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Physical Kiosk
Physical Features
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Interactive Kiosk
Main Features
  • Main Screen of the kiosk / main sidebar open

    • Users can easily navigate to different floors or choose a study room directly from the main screen.

    • Users can open the sidebar on the left and easily see which study rooms are occupied, not occupied or reserved but empty 

  • Side menu bar

    • Users can easily see all the status of the study rooms for all floors and choose any study rooms that they want to go to.

  • Empty filter

    • Users can turn on the empty filter to easily see all the empty study rooms in the entire library.

  • Room description & direction

    • When user chooses a certain room, the kiosk gives information about that room, including amenities and capacity.

    • Once user selects a study room and wants to get direction to that room, the kiosk will tell you the direction from the location of the kiosk to the selected study room.

  • Sending direction to phone

    • If users want the direction to be sent to their phones, they can simply tap their phones on the kiosk and the direction will be sent to their phones as an image file.

  • Help function

    • For users who are not familiar with the use of kiosk, we provide the help function

    • Using this, users can get a guidance of how to use each buttons and how to interact with our kiosk

Interactive Kiosk
User Testing
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